Sunday, July 1, 2012

Weekly Goals: 7-1-12

Here are my goals for this week.

Spiritual life
  • Read my Bible each day and write something in my journal
  • Pray for the requests on my Prayer List
Family life - DH is on vacation, so this is a big priority this week.
  • Take the kids to a 4th of July community party.  Huey Lewis and the News will be preforming!  This was the very first group I ever saw in concert when I was 5 years-old.  Now, it will be the first group my own kids see in concert!  I am so excited!
  • Take the kids to see the new Spiderman movie.  DH is excited about this one.
  • Lots of swimming!
  • Call my mom lots and invite her to dinner one night.  My dad is gone on a fishing trip for two weeks and she has a hard time being away from him.  It is really pretty sweet!
Home life - This is all about the house!
  • Keep the kitchen clean!  I actually cleaned it this past week (I even cleaned the fridge!) and I want it to stay that way.  
  • Go through one room of the house each day and find things to sell at the yard sale I am planning next Saturday.
  • Grocery shopping (I don't always go every week)
Church life -  This is actually going to be blank this week.  Services were cancelled this evening because we had a big fellowship this afternoon.  And services are cancelled on Wednesday so people can spend 4th of July with their family.

Physical life
  • I need to really start watching what I eat!  I am going to make a point to eat smaller portions.
  • Exercise at least two days this week.  I am going to start out small.  This is more than I do now.
Social life - With DH home, I won't be doing much socializing with friends.  But, I still need to make a point to do a couple of things.
  • Call my best friend to chat a little
  • Message another good friend.
Financial life - DH and I are doing Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover.
  • Yard sale on Saturday.  Put extra money earned toward rebuilding our $1000 emergency fund (we had to spend some when DH had a car accident a couple months ago)
  • Pay bills
  • Work on worksheets for Teacher's Pay Teacher's store I have with my best friend.
Mental life
  • Visit library and check out a couple books
Homeschool life
  • Go through stuff on our school shelves and get rid of stuff we no longer use.  Sell what I can at the yard sale.
  • Make a list of needed supplies.

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