Sunday, July 1, 2012

Setting Goals

A while back I was part of a ladies' Bible study at my church where we read the book, A Woman's High Calling: 10 Essentials for Godly Living by Elizabeth George.  I highly recommend this book.  In fact, I read it again just a few months ago because I needed a refresher.
One of the things that she wrote about that really stood out to me was her attempt to keep her life balanced.  In chapter 13, Mrs. George wrote about the way she sets goals and figures out her priorities.  She targeted several key areas of her life and writes goal for each of those areas each week.  Some of the areas she includes are:
  • Spiritual life
  • Family life
  • Home life
  • Church life
  • Physical life
  • Social life
  • Finacial life
  • Mental life
This process really stuck with me.  But, I admit that I haven't always done it consistently.  I know that when I do, it really helps, but I sometimes let life get in the way.  But, now that I have this lovely little blog, I am going to try and be consistent with this.  Perhaps this blog will serve as a sort of accountability.

When it comes to the term balance, I've come to a realization.  Every day is not going to be balanced.  Sometimes, entire weeks won't be balanced (VBS week last month jumps to mind!).  But, overall, I can't neglect whole areas of my life.  This is something I have been guilty of when it comes to housekeeping and when it comes to my physical life.  But, if I can write goals for every week, it will help me really see when I am neglecting an area of my life.

So, each Sunday I am going to write down my goals for the coming week.  My categories are going to be a little different than Mrs. George's - after all, I'm a different woman!  I know that "Homeschool life" is going to have to be a part of my list since I homeschool my kids.  I also know that my categories me change as my life changes.

This week, I am going to start with my weekly goals and each day I might explain a little more about each category, where I am in that area, and where I hope to be in the future.

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