Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Quick Post

I'm just dropping in to share some pictures of my kids in their costumes.  Sadly, there is no time for a real post because I'm working again tonight.  It has been a busy week with working on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday this week and trick-or-treating and church on Wednesday!  My house is a bit of a disaster, but I'll be doing 15 minutes of concentrated cleaning before leaving for Sis's piano lesson and then work.  No time for the whole 30 minutes, but I can't skip it completely!

It was cold and rainy during trick-or-treating time yesterday, so we didn't get to take too many pictures.

Sis just had to match her American Girl!  I sewed a matching ruffle on the bottom of Sis's skirt and made them matching vests.  We even found her doll a matching pumpkin bucket!  She loved her costume and loved, even more, that she was the only one with that costume!

Hubby and Bub spent a week working on his costume!  Thankfully, Hubby was on vacation last week.  It is made of foam board and old computer parts.  I'm glad he found a use for all the spare computer parts we have gathering dust in our basement!  We made sure he could see before finalizing the visor idea, but didn't think about how hard it would be to see the steps up to people's porches!  So, he ended up having to hold someone's hand the whole time!

I hope you all enjoyed your day yesterday!

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