Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Progress in the Kitchen

Ok, so I didn't post my menu plan yesterday.  But, I have a good excuse!  I was hard at work on my kitchen walls.  I took all the food off my shelves and moved them...

...and this is the nastiness that was hiding underneath and behind them.  This was after I swept up all the moldy cat food that had found its way under there and was impossible to reach (the shelves went completely to the floor).

Yuck!!!!  I hadn't been able to clean back here for about six years!
 This vent, which was always covered up by the shelves and therefore never did anything anyway, was the first thing to be removed.  Followed quickly by the rubber "baseboard" that was impossible to clean.  Whatever glue they used to install them was seeping out the tops and collected dirt.  Gross!

After that was all done, I started patching all the holes in the walls.  The people who lived here before us left holes everywhere!

You can see what a big difference there is between what this corner looked like this weekend (on the left) and how it looks now (on the right)!  There is still lots of work to be done, but I'm making progress!

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