Monday, July 16, 2012

Week in Review: 7-8-12 (With no Guilt)

I didn't post my weekly goal review on Saturday.  Then, yesterday (Sunday) I didn't post my goals for this week.  Last night I went to bed (with a horrible headache) and felt really guilty.  After all, I did promise to stick with this.  Even though no one may have read that promise, I still made it and I know I made it.  But, then I realized something.  I had good reasons for not posting.  Instead of posting about my life, I was living it!

On Saturday, I spent the entire day shopping with my best friend.  She needed new clothes for work and I needed a couple of things.  Not only did I get to spend some great time talking and having fun, I also bought myself some things.  Something I never do.  Instead of posting when I got home, I spent the evening with my husband and planning for a Sunday School class I taught (more about that later).

On Sunday, I took a much needed nap after church (the really late nights at work have completely screwed up my sleep routine).  Then, we went to the grand opening of my husband's cousin's new ice cream parlor in downtown Cincinnati and had some AMAZING ice cream.
DH's cousin toasting a homemade marshmallow on top of homemade ice cream.  Yum!

Those things were important for the relationships in my life (Including the nap.  I get cranky when I'm tired.).  After realizing this, I no longer felt guilty.  I knew I could write the review and the goals for this week today.  This realization was a big thing for me!

I'm going to review my goals again this week.  I found it really helpful last week to go back and really, honestly, look at how I had done.  It made me change some of the goals I would have set for myself the next week.  So, once again, I copied over my original weekly goals and put the results in blue.

Review of Weekly Goals for 7-8-12

Spiritual Life

  • Try to find a better study time.  Some options are: I didn't reach this goal this week.  Unfortunately, this week was even crazier than normal.  My abnormal sleep schedule finally caught up with me and I slept late most days.  Then, I had to run out the door early.  I'm going to try this again this week.
    • First thing in the morning
    • Right after my morning shower
    • After lunch
    • After dinner (my least favorite since I am often at work at this time)
  • Be more consistent in praying for requests on my list.  I did better, but not great.
  • I was really convicted at church this morning about the joy (or lack thereof) in my life lately.  I've been letting a situation in my life rob me of my joy and I have been feeling sorry for myself.  I confessed this, but need to really work on the internal dialogue I've come to use and focus on my blessings.  I need to spend a lot of time in prayer about this and also catch myself when I slip.  I caught myself several times this week and was able to make a conscious shift of focus.  I'm still not there, though.  This week's sermon on peace was just as convicting and I know I have a long way to go.  I've made a point to pray about this a lot.
Family Life - DH goes back to work Monday
  • Play a board game with my kids Didn't happen.  I'm disappointed in myself for this one.  One game wouldn't take that long.  This is going back on my list.
  • Have kids help with dinner one night this week That would have meant actually cooking dinner one night.  I worked Monday, Tuesday and Friday, we were at church on Wednesday, and grabbed a quick bite before the kids' baseball game on Thursday. 
  • Try to get everything done before DH gets home from work so I can spend more time with him With the exception of Saturday, I did this.  But, I have to admit that it probably doesn't count much because I wasn't home most nights.

Home Life
  • Clean the bathroom thoroughly. I did wipe it down most days, but didn't have time for a deep cleaning.  I did find a new trick for the shower that seems to be working.  I'll share about that in a post later this week.
    • Use grout whitening pen I bought and then seal the grout I didn't have a chance with the extra work and sleeping late.  I probably won't have time this week, either. 
    • Wipe down daily
  • Sweep and mop kitchen and living room They got swept, but not mopped.
  • Finish cleaning in the playroom/schoolroom I made some progress, but it needs more work
  • Vacuum the basement Didn't get done.
  • At LEAST one load of laundry a day I probably did laundry 3 days this week. 
Church Life
  • Find a song to sing at church and practice Still looking for a song. 
  • Attend church on Wednesday evening Check
  • I have to make a note that I ended up with a new goal in this area.  My kids' Sunday school teacher had an accident in her family and needed someone to take over her class for a couple of months.  I was asked and, after praying and talking to my husband and kids, I accepted.  It is just for a couple months and I can do all my planning for the entire two months in the beginning.  So, I won't be trying to plan for Sunday school after our school year starts back up.  I taught the first class on Sunday and it went well. 
Physical Life
  • Make a point to go to bed at a good hour This one became impossible this week.  I worked until 2am on Monday, 12am on Tuesday and 11:30 on Friday.  Then, on Wednesday and Thursday, I just couldn't fall asleep.  My body was too used to the late nights.
  • Start tracking everything I eat!  I did great at the beginning of the week.  Then, I started letting it slip.  I'm going to work to do better this week.
  • Drink more water.  I need to keep a bottle filled and at hand throughout the day. I did this most days.
  • Exercise at least once this week.  I know this is smaller than last weeks, goal, but I also didn't reach that goal.  So, I'm starting even smaller.  My best friend and I have a plan to go to a dance aerobics class on Thursday. My best friend was sick on Thursday, so we couldn't go to the class.  But, I think all the walking on Saturday (and Friday) while shopping should count.  So, I'm saying I achieved this goal this week.
Social Life
  • Attend dance aerobics with my best friend Didn't happen because she was sick.  Instead we shopped on Friday before I had to work and Saturday all day.
  • Message another friend  Check!
Financial Life
  • Update budget software everyday  Check!
  • Do not overspend! I did have to buy one thing out of our "blow" money.  I try not to do that, but sometimes it happens.
  • Send extra payments for debt snowball I'm sending that in today
Mental Life
  • Go to library on MONDAY.  Not "sometime this week."  MONDAY!  I did go, but not until Wednesday.  I ended up having to leave for work early on Monday and that cut out our library time.  It did get done, though.
  • Continue working on blog Check!
Homeschool Life
  • Put together bookcase Check!
  • Finish organizing schoolroom I worked on it, but it isn't done, yet
  • Start printing notebooking pages for next year and create a filing system for them Didn't get to this.
  • Buy math curriculum I emailed several people with used copies.  But, haven't heard back, yet.  I need to do some more searching.
  • Start planning Five in a Row lessons and buy a couple of the books  Didn't get to this, yet.

Overall, there were a lot of unexpected things that happened this week.  I worked an extra day I hadn't planned, had to leave early and got home late another day, and a few other things.  I don't handle these kinds of changes well.  As a result, a lot of things just don't get done.  This is something I really need to work on.  

I'll come back after lunch to do my weekly goals for this week.  Now, I have to get back to living life and take my kids to the dentist!

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