Tuesday, July 3, 2012

One Step Behind

I didn't post yesterday.  In the past, I would have seen this as a sign of failure.  Like I was one step behind and I would already be dreading catching up.  That dread would make me just quit.  After all, why try when you are just going to fail?

Honestly, it still feels that way.  But, the difference is, I realize that is a lie and I'm not going to give in to it.  So, I'm back today.  I'm posting and I'm not giving up.

Yesterday was a long, busy day.  I got up and started working on planning a menu for the week and making a shopping list.  Then, I headed to the grocery store.  When I got back I had just enough time to eat lunch before heading to work.  I was at work late (I got home around 1:30 this morning) because it was the first day with a new computer system and we were really behind.  I'm tired this morning (DD work me up too early!) and I need to go back to work tonight.  But, I'm going to suck it up and work to reach some of my weekly goals.

Speaking of goals...I mentioned that I might come back and go a little more in depth about each of my goal setting categories.  I figure that, even though no one is reading this blog now, someone, someday, might.  And that future-reader might want to know a little more about why I'm writing and what I hope to accomplish.  Since this blog is all about the work God is doing in my life, you - wonderful, dear, imaginary reader - will need to know where I started in order to really understand the journey.

I'll start that in my next post (which I'll write right after this).  I don't want these posts to become novels or for things to get lost in the vast sea of words that I tend to put forth when pen (or fingers) hits paper (or keyboard).  Be back in a jiffy!

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