Saturday, July 21, 2012

Week in Review: 7-15-12

This week has been busy, but good.  I feel like I got a lot accomplished, but I know I didn't get everything on my list done.  Here's how I did:

Spiritual Life

  • Read Bible daily (this means planning ahead on days I work and not just expecting I'll be alert enough when I get home) I read most days.  I have no excuse for the days I didn't read.
  • Be more consistent in praying for requests on my list I prayed every night for a few of the urgent requests.  There were a few that I didn't pray about, but should have.
  • Continue to work on being more joyful. I'm doing better at this.  Still not perfect, but definitely making progress.

Family life

  • Play a board game with the kids Check!  A rousing game of Chutes and Ladders (that made me think of my laundry chute which I need to post about soon).
  • Have kids help with dinner on Thursday after their baseball game Once again, this didn't happen.  We were only home to cook on night this week and I was making some stuff that wasn't very kid-friendly.
  • Take kids to the dentist (I'm actually sitting in the lobby as I type this and I'll post it when I get home.  Why not get something done while waiting and free up some time later to get some housework done?) Check!  (Obviously.)

Home life

  • Try to get all laundry done by the end of the day Wednesday. Well, like I said in another post, it took me until Friday morning.  But, it did all get done!
  • Clean the bathroom thoroughly All done except the floor.  That will have to wait until the kids are in bed or they will just need to go as soon as I mop.
  • Sweep basement  I actually forgot all about this until I sat down and started typing.  But, I did get up, go downstairs, and sweep so that I could come back here and say, "Check!"  The stairs still need swept, but I'll have to ask DH to do that.  My back just can't handle it after a my marathon laundry session.
  • Work more on playroom/schoolroom I didn't get to that this week.  This is moving over to my list for next week.
  • Go grocery shopping Friday  Check!

Church Life

  • Plan for Sunday school.  I need to try to get the planning done for the entire 2 months.  That will just leave reviewing and praying each week.  I'm going to do this tonight.
  • Attend church Wednesday Check!
  • Set up meeting with the Pastor to talk about Harvest fest.  Meeting can be any time in the next couple weeks.  I forgot about this, too.  Moving it over to next week's list.

Physical Life

  • Write down every bite I eat!  I'm really struggling with this!  I honestly just forget.  I think I need someone to ask me every night.  I'm going to talk to DH about it.
  • Lose at least 1 pound.  I lost one this past week and know I can do it again.  This one annoys me a little.  By Wednesday I had lost a pound.  By Thursday, I had gained 3 back!  I have no idea what happened.  I didn't eat any snacks and I had a sensible breakfast and lunch.  My dinner wasn't the greatest, but not bad enough to make me gain 3 lbs!
  • Work on sleep schedule.  This may mean taking a Tylenol PM when I get home from work so I don't lay in bed for a couple hours before falling asleep.  I did better when I got home from work and wasn't as tired the next day.
  • Drink more water.  I need to carry a bottle with me when I go out.  I remembered most days.
  • Put on makeup every day  I did this every day but one.

Social Life

  • Go to the Creation Museum with a good friend and her kids.  I must be losing it because she didn't ask me to go to the Creation Museum.  She asked if we wanted to go to the Museum Center.  I don't know how I messed that up!  But, we did end up going.  The kids had a blast and I got a chance to talk with a good friend.
  • Possibly go to dance aerobics with my BFF this week.  I'm not sure of her schedule. This didn't happen again.  I'm not sure about this week, either.
  • Buy a birthday present for a party on Saturday I'm going to stop and pick up a gift card on the way to the party.
Cincinnati Museum Center

Financial life

  • Update budget software daily  Check!
  • Do not overspend!  I did end up having to eat out one day because we just weren't home all day.  I should have thought ahead and packed.
  • Go to the bank on Friday before grocery shopping Check!
  • Pay bills  Check!

Mental life

  • Read new library books  I'm in the middle of the first one, now
  • Continue working on blog  Check!  I'm doing some reading to learn how its all done.

Homeschool Life

  • Buy Math curriculum.  Grr.  I don't think I even looked for it this week.  I need to do that ASAP!
  • Buy some Five in a Row books  Same with this.  I at least have an Amazon gift card I can use for this. 

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