Friday, July 13, 2012

Details, Details

I'm a perfectionist.  I know this sounds strange having already confessed that my house is often a mess.  But, there is a strange connection between being a perfectionist and having a messy house.  The first time I heard about this was from Flylady and it was like a light bulb.  Yes!  That makes sense! 

You see, I am often consumed by the details of a job.  This can be a good thing when planning an event, but not so great when it comes to cleaning my house. 

Cleaning my desk takes hours.  Why?  Because it has to be done right.  Each paper has to be analyzed to determine if it should be kept or thrown away.  Then, it must be decided exactly how the keeping or throwing away should happen.  Does it get shredded?  Thrown in the trash?  Filed (and where exactly)?  Put in a new location?  It is exhausting!  So, as a result, I often just never start.

Right now, I am sitting here at a messy desk dreading that, tomorrow, I am going to have to clean it.   A normal person could probably take five minutes right now and get it done.  But, not me.  I look at those pink papers on top (a wedding invitation) and go back and forth about if I need to keep them.  I have all the info saved on my phone, but what if something happens and I need it again?  But, if I keep them, where can I put them that I will remember where they are?  So, they have sat on top of my desk for a couple of months.  I know where they are and can find them at a moment's notice.  In fact, about five minutes ago they were at the bottom of the pile, but I needed them to make a reservation for a hotel and was able to find them right away.

This is something I really need to work on!

My Messy Desk

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