Thursday, July 5, 2012

Family Life

The last two days, I've talked about the first of my goal categories, Spiritual Life.  Tuesday's post was pretty long.  But, in order for anyone to understand the journey that I am taking in my spiritual life, my goals in the area, or my motivations, you have to understand WHY I am a follower of Christ. Yesterday, I posted more on my current spiritual life and what my hopes are for the future. 

Today I'm moving on with the second most important category: Family Life.

Ever since I was a little girl, I've known what I wanted to be.  I've wanted to be a wife and a mommy.  Some girls dream of being doctors or lawyers or even garbage collectors (this is seriously what my sister used to say she wanted to be - she was a weird child).  Since I knew I had to plan for a career, I chose to go to college and major in education.  After all, I really do love teaching others.  I didn't end up getting that degree, but I'll come back to that another day.

The Love of my Life

I met my wonderful husband when I was just thirteen and he was twelve.  We were in the same gifted program at school.  We also had several friends in common, so often ended up hanging out together after school.  We quickly became friends.  For the next 11 years or so, he would remain on my list of my closest friends - the ones I could talk to about anything.  He family moved a few towns away and he switched schools for high school.  But, we'd still talked on the phone occasionally.  No matter how long it had been since the last time we talked, we always picked right back up as best friends who could share our thought, feeling, and dreams with each other.
My Wedding Day

Then, when I was 24, we connected again after a long period of time during which I was away at college.  But, this time, something was different.  It didn't take me long to realize that I was in love and that this was the man I wanted to marry.  A little over a year later, that's just what happened.  I married my best friend!  He'll now tell you that he had been in love with me since he was 13 and it didn't surprise him a bit.  But, I guess I'm a slow learner.

I am thankful every day that God gave me such a wonderful man as my husband.  He isn't prefect, but he is perfect for me.  

My Kids

My beautiful twins!
Finding out I was pregnant was a surprise.  Finding out I was having twins was a shock!

From Day 1 my kids have been as opposite as can be.   My son (whose nickname is Bubby or Bub) is laid back and easy going.  He is also sensitive and has the biggest heart!  He loves to help others and cries when his sister gets in trouble.  My daughter (Sissy or Sis) is driven and works hard - a real go-getter!  She loves to socialize and makes friends easily.

Being their mom is what I believe God put me on this earth for. They are wonderful kids.  And I must have at least a little to do with that!  They are the thing in my life that I can, with confidence, point to and say "I'm good at that.  I have succeeded with that." Please don't think I'm saying I'm perfect.  I'm definitely not.  I don't always do things right, but overall, I am winning at being a mom. 

Raising them is truly a joy!  Plus, as a homeschooling mom, I get to combine my love for teaching with my love of my kids.  It doesn't get any better than that!

The Rest of my Family

Family means a lot to me.  My extended family is really close.  My grandma, uncles, aunts, cousins, and cousin's kids all get together throughout the year.  Not just for holidays.  But, for all the kids birthdays, special events, or just hanging out.

My more immediate family, (parents, sister & brother-in-law) see each other even more often.  My mom watches my kids for me when I work in the evenings, so they are at my parent's house a couple times a week.  My mom and I also talk on the phone at least once a day.  My dad takes my son to Cub Scouts since my DH has to work and is always available if I need a handyman.

My sister is nine years younger than me.  So, our relationship isn't like most sister relationships.  But, she is one of my favorite people in the world.  She gives Bubby tennis lessons and she and her hubby often takes the kids on outings.  I'll give my brother-in-law a shout out, too.  He is a great uncle and friend.  Together, they have recently started their own blog.  It is nothing like mine, though.  In fact, it is just about as different from my blog as my sister is from me.  Their blog is about baseball.  More specifically, their goal to visit every MLB ballpark.  It is called The Ballpark Project.

And I can't forget my "second sister," my best friend.  We met when we were roommates in college and she is just like another sister to me.  She attends all our family events and is great with my kids!  They love her just like an aunt.  Together, the two of us are working on building a Teachers-Pay-Tachers store. 

Where I Hope to Be

Like other areas of my life, I have goals here, too.  I am constantly working on being a better wife, mother, daughter, and sister.  But, wife and mother are definitely my priorities.  I am working to pay attention to how I spend my time when my whole family is home.  I don't want to be working on projects or cleaning the house when I could be spending time with my family.  This is an area I need to work on.  I know that all it will take is better time management!

I also have goals in other areas that will help with this.  One of our financial goals is for me to be able to quit my job and be a full-time stay-at-home mom.  That will give me more time with my kids, and a LOT more time with my DH.  And, as my housekeeping improves, we will be able to do more around the house.  Gathering at the table for a board game is hard when it is covered with junk!

Tomorrow, I will post more about that with my Home Life category.  

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