Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Scrubbing the Shower Revisit

In honor of my post about my old routine of scrubbing the shower/tub to relieve stress (weird, I know), I thought I'd share a nifty tip I saw on Pinterest.  Here is the original pin.  All the instructions are in the comments below the picture.  It was a good thing, too, because when you actually click on the link, the blog post it takes you to is about something completely different.  I think someone just did a random search for the picture to use in their pin and didn't care what the blog was about.

The picture is of a Scotch-Bright dishwand.  The kind with a scrubby sponge on the end.  I've used one of these for years in the kitchen.  Why had I never thought to use it in the bathroom?

There is one slight difference between the one in that picture and the one I use.  Mine has a brush end instead of a sponge end.  Like this:

Scotch Brite Dishwand Brush
Since my current way of cleaning the shower was an old toothbrush, I figured that this would be perfect!  The brush on my kitchen scrubber was getting a little old and needed to be replaced, anyway.  So, I decided I'd just by a whole new brush for the kitchen and move the old one to the bathroom.

Tiny Toothbrush clean bathroom grout
No more tiny toothbrush!
I like the idea of the brush better than a sponge since it can easily reach into the grout lines and scrub them clean.  Just like my old toothbrush.  Only much, MUCH faster!  With my old toothbrush, I would try to scrub a few lines of grout each time I took a shower (It got old fast and I couldn't always keep up the mildew since we have no ventilation in our bathroom).  When I took my "new" brush in the shower the other day, I was able to do an entire wall in half the time it took to do a couple of lines with my little old toothbrush.

So how does this work?  Easy!
  1. First, get a dish brush from your grocery store.  It can be any brand, but you need the kind that holds soap in the handle.
  2. Next, mix up some Dawn/vinegar miracle cleaner. (See recipe below)  Dawn really does work best for this.  I generally avoid name brands, but this one is worth it.
  3. Fill the handle with the cleaner
  4. Scrub away!  (You can even do this while taking a shower and save some time!)
  5. Rinse well.
Scrubbing the shower brush dawn dishsoap vinegar miracle cleaner
Scrub, scrub!
Dawn/Vinegar Miracle Cleaner
    • You will need equal parts blue Dawn dish washing liquid and white vinegar.  
    • Heat the vinegar in the microwave.
    • Pour into a spray bottle or other container.
    • Add the Dawn.  
    • Shake to mix.  

I've used this now for two days and it is working great!  A quick scrub down of the shower and any traces of pink mildew were gone (What is that stuff anyway?  I can't be the only person with that problem in their shower!).  I also didn't have to worry about soap scum since this stuff is great at getting rid of it!  This one's a keeper!

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