Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gussy up!

In my weekly goals for the past few weeks, I've listed "Put on makeup every day."  This might seem like a really strange goal.  If I were a woman who wore makeup everyday I wouldn't need to actually make that a goal.  It would come naturally, right?  It would just be part of my routine.  And, if I were a woman who didn't wear makeup everyday, I wouldn't care enough to make that a goal, right?  I'd be fine being makeup-free.

But, I'm actually a woman who doesn't wear makeup every day trying to become a woman who does.  Why?  Well, it started in January.  I was on a "What Not to Wear" kick.  I generally watch one TV show during the day around lunch time.  In January, it was "What Not to Wear."  I've always enjoyed that show and have learned a lot from it about how to dress my body.  But, this time something else really stuck out to me.  It was the confidence and poise that the women on the show seemed to gain when they were finished with their makeover.  They stood taller.  They smiled wider.  They honestly seemed to feel better. 

I started thinking about how I was dressing everyday and how I felt and it left a lot to be desired. When I was home, I was in sweats or workout pants and t-shirts. When I went out, I just threw on whatever happened to be in my closet. The only time I wore makeup was to church and on dates with my hubby (and I used to sell Mary Kay Embarassed) Generally, I tended to look sloppy, lazy, and tired. I justified it because I am a mom and have more important things to do.

After watching a few episodes, I decided to make a new year's resolution to only wear clothes that made me feel good, not just comfortable (I donated about 3 garbage bags of clothes that didn't fit right or weren't right for my body.) I started to wear makeup and fix my hair every day. I just wanted to see how it would effect me. Would I have the same attitude change as the ladies on the show seem to?

After only a week, I could see a difference. Yes, I felt better about myself physically. But, I was also more productive and had more energy.   I was also been eating better because I feel better.

It seems counter-intuitive, but I actually got more done even though I was spending more time on myself. When I don't look tired, I feel less tired. I feel like I am ready to get up and go!

But, after a few months, I started drifting back into old, bad habits.  I started thinking, "I don't have time to get fancied up today" or, "No one is going to see me."  How horrible  that I call my kids and my wonderful husband "nobody"!!!

So, even though I know that there are great benefits to looking nice each day, I let that slip down my priority list.  I sort of gave up.   

Over the last couple of weeks I've been realizing that this was going on.  I realized that I was slipping and that I've been feeling the effects.  I've been tired, lazy, and not very productive.  So, putting on makeup made it onto my list of goals.  But, I still haven't been doing it consistently.  I've let myself make excuses and not plan ahead so that I have time to make myself look nice.

No more!  As of today, I'm going to make this a priority again.  I'm sitting here typing, sans makeup.  But, the second I hit "publish" I'm going to get up and gussy up!  

From Wikipedia:

Gussy Up


Probably derived from gusset.


gussy up (third-person singular simple present gussies up, present participle gussying up, simple past and past participle gussied up)
  1. (transitive, informal) To don fancy clothing; to dress up particularly in flattering or specially altered garments.
    You bet she'll gussy up for the party.

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