Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Successful First Day!

Despite my procrastination over the summer and my lack of time the past few weeks, our first day of school was a success!  A lot of that success had to do with prayer and a wonderful husband who happily goes along with my silly plans and is willing to jump in when I need him.

We started out the day with our annual first-day pictures.  Unlike many first-day pictures, my kids don't have backpacks or notebooks.  Instead of heading to school, we are headed out for our "not-back-to-school" breakfast!

Smiling for the first day of school
Shyly grinning for the first day of the school.
This is the look you get when you ask Bub to hug his sister for the camera.  He can be a bit camera-shy.

"Decimal Street" from Math-u-See
After breakfast, we came back home and did some work.  We started with calendar time, followed by Bible.  Then,we broke out decimal street and our blocks for math using Math-u-See.  Sis was still in the playroom/schoolroom playing with the blocks even after we were done with school!

After math, they did a little copy work.  This is something we do every day to work on handwriting, grammar, spelling, and reading.  I started them out easy with three simple sentences.  By the end of the year, one of my goals is for them to be copying whole pages.

Bubby working on copy work

Sissy concentrating hard.  Poor Lefty has to work twice as hard!
The kids are hard at work while their nutty mom takes pictures

Our very last task for the day was our science lesson!  We always finish off our first day with a bang by doing a fun experiment, demonstration, or project.  This year, we did "Dancing Oobleck!"  This is a fun experiment with sound waves.  I promise I'll be back tonight or tomorrow to post all about it.  I even have a video that I'm very excited about!  I just have to finish editing it.  Be sure to check back!

I'd love to hear more about your kids' first day of school.  Whether they are homeschooled or attend a public or private school, the first day of school is always exciting!  I'd also love to know how I can pray for you and your kids this school year and I would love your prayers, too.

As promised, here is the link to our "Dancing Oobleck" experiment!

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