Monday, August 13, 2012

Week in Review: 8-5-12

As I said yesterday, this was a busy week.  Weeks like this tend to stress me out and make me retreat a little.  I'm learning not to do this, but to charge ahead.  But, I still need work.  Here's how I did this week.

Spiritual Life

  • *Read Bible daily.  I am going to plan our when to read and put it on my calendar this week. I forgot to put in on my calendar.  But, I still managed to read most days.  I'm going to try putting it on my calendar again.
  • *Be more consistent in praying for requests on my list Check

Family life

  • Kids get home tonight! (Tuesday) I was so happy to see them!
  • Play at least one board game with the kids Didn't happen.  But, I did make them a tent to sleep in tonight and was told I was "the best mom ever."  Does that count?


Home life Can I go ahead and confess that pretty much nothing in this area got done this week?  Like I talked about yesterday, something had to give this week.  Sadly, since I already really dislike housework, it is easy to let this be the area that I slack in when things get crazy.

  • Finish all laundry (it will probably be Wednesday before it is all done because I work until 8:00 tonight and the kids will be bringing home dirty laundry) I have to confess.  The laundry didn't get done this week.  But, I am going to do it all tomorrow.  It is nice to know that, even though I have to do more to catch up, we can survive just fine if I'm having a busy week.
  • Clean off my desk.  It is mostly clean from last week.  But, it is starting to collect stuff again.  I need to make sure everything gets to its real home. Didn't happen.
  • *Wipe down bathroom daily Nope
  • *Vacuum steps Uh-uh
  • Work more on playroom/schoolroom.  This week I need to work on our new calendar. Squat.


Church Life

  • Prepare to teach Sunday School Check!
  • Attend church Wednesday and sing a solo.  This means finding music and practicing! Check!
  • *Set up meeting with the Pastor to talk about Harvest fest.  Meeting can be any time in the next couple weeks. I need to call him to actually get it on the books, but I did let him know I need to meet with him.

Physical Life

  • *Write down every bite I eat!  Nope.  But, I did do better just by simply having a menu plan this week.  I normally plan dinners, but with the advice of Kate Megill from Teaching What is Good in her e-book, Cut it Out!  How I Feed my Family of 10 for $500 a Month Without CouponsI also started planning my breakfast and lunch.  So, even though I haven't been writing down what I eat after I eat it, I have a pretty good idea of what I've eaten all week.  For snacks I generally just each a few pretzels, some carrots, or some low-fat popcorn.  So, I actually did really well this week!
  • Lose at least 1 pound.  I actually lost 2 lbs!  Woo hoo!
  • *Try to get to bed by 11:30 every night I don't work, 12:15 on the nights I do. Well, I was at a birthday party until almost midnight last night and now I can't sleep.  But, I haven't done horrible in this area.
  • *Drink more water. I didn't do so great with this one.
  • *Put on makeup every day After writing about this on Thursday, I've done really well.  It really does make a difference.
  • *Exercise at least one day Not so much.

Social Life

  • Attend wedding on Saturday (Another one.  This one is local.) Check
  • I also attended a birthday party for a friend of my hubby.

Financial life

  • *Update budget software daily I might have missed a couple days.
  • *Do not overspend! (I went over a little on my grocery budget and really need to watch it!)  Better, but I still need to be careful. 
  • Pay bills Check!

Mental life

  • Return the one library book. I'm doing this this week, I promise.  I just hadn't finished it, yet and really wanted to.  I'm a learning a lot from this book!
  • Download the book I'm currently reading. I've just been reading the hardcopy.
  • Continue working on blog  Check

Homeschool Life

  • *Buy Math curriculum.  I'm doing this tomorrow, I promise!
  • *Buy some Five in a Row books This, too!
  • Start printing off resources for lessons. I have a few things downloaded to my computer, but my printer has been acting up.  Hubby got me a can of condensed air to see if it just needs a good cleaning.


Work Life

  • Complete worksheet Kathy sent me. I've worked on it, but I have it on my list for tomorrow to finish it and send it back to her.
  • Continue working on the other packet. I've done a little bit more.  But, it still isn't finished.
  • Go to work on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday Check.

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