Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weekly Goals: 8-5-12

Here are this week's goals (repeating goals that need improvement are marked with an *):

Spiritual Life

  • *Read Bible daily.  I am going to plan our when to read and put it on my calendar this week.
  • *Be more consistent in praying for requests on my list

Family life

  • Kids get home tonight! (Tuesday)
  • Play at least one board game with the kids


Home life

  • Finish all laundry (it will probably be Wednesday before it is all done because I work until 8:00 tonight and the kids will be bringing home dirty laundry)
  • Clean off my desk.  It is mostly clean from last week.  But, it is starting to collect stuff again.  I need to make sure everything gets to its real home.
  • *Wipe down bathroom daily
  • *Vacuum steps
  • Work more on playroom/schoolroom.  This week I need to work on our new calendar.


Church Life

  • Prepare to teach Sunday School
  • Attend church Wednesday and sing a solo.  This means finding music and practicing!
  • *Set up meeting with the Pastor to talk about Harvest fest.  Meeting can be any time in the next couple weeks.

Physical Life

  • *Write down every bite I eat!  
  • Lose at least 1 pound. 
  • *Try to get to bed by 11:30 every night I don't work, 12:15 on the nights I do.
  • *Drink more water. 
  • *Put on makeup every day
  • *Exercise at least one day

Social Life

  • Attend wedding on Saturday (Another one.  This one is local.)

Financial life

  • *Update budget software daily
  • *Do not overspend! (I went over a little on my grocery budget and really need to watch it!) 
  • Pay bills 

Mental life

  • Return the one library book. 
  • Download the book I'm currently reading.
  • Continue working on blog  

Homeschool Life

  • *Buy Math curriculum. 
  • *Buy some Five in a Row books 
  • Start printing off resources for lessons.


Work Life

  • Complete worksheet Kathy sent me.
  • Continue working on the other packet.
  • Go to work on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

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