Sunday, September 2, 2012

Weekly Goals: 9/2/12

This is going to be a busy week!   The kids' birthday party is next Sunday and we are having it here at the house.  The hope is that it will be warm enough to swim.  If not, I'm not sure where we will fit everyone!  This week, I have lots to do to prepare.

My new daily task that I am trying to develop into a habit is in red belowThings I need to improve on from last week are marked with an *.

Spiritual Life

  • *Read Bible daily. 
  • Be consistent in praying for requests on my list

Family life

  • Lots of working together to prepare for the party.
  • Take DS to his first Boy Scout meeting on Tuesday

Home life

  • Finish all laundry on Monday.  
  • Clean off counters every day
  • Prepare for the party
    • Make a cake
    • Buy candy and toys for the pinata 
    • Clean for the party:
      • Family room
      • Living room
      • Kitchen
      • Bathroom
      • Hall
      • Patio

Church Life

  • Attend church Wednesday
  • *Call and schedule meeting with Pastor about Harvest Fest

Physical Life

  • Measure all foods to make sure I am eating the correct portion.  
  • Track every bite I eat.
  • Lose at least 1 pound. 
  • Drink at least two bottles (refillable bottles, not disposable!) of water/day. 
  • Earn at least 15 activity points this week.
  • Go to the gym with my aunt on Monday
  • Try to get to bed by 10:30 every night I don't work, 12:15 on the nights I do.   
  • Put on makeup every day

Social Life

  • I am going to the gym with my aunt on Monday.

Financial life

  • Update budget software daily
  • Do not overspend!
  • Pay bills  

Mental life

  • Continue working on blog  
  • Teach

Homeschool Life

  • Print out materials 
  • Continue to work on adjusting our schedule to make it the best it can be

Work Life 

  • Work on Tuesday and Thursday

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