Thursday, September 6, 2012

Faith Like a Child

I'm late posting today.  I was SO busy!  But, waiting gave me the perfect little post for today. 

Today Bubby and I were sitting in the car waiting for Sis's dance class to be finished.  He was chattering away and I was only half listening.  Like I said, I had a long day!  You know how it is, right?

Suddenly, Bubby busted out with, "I can't believe that Jesus love me even more than I love Him.  It doesn't seem like that is possible!"

Now, I was really listening.  "Its pretty amazing, isn't it?" I replied.

"Yeah.  'Cause I love  Him so much."

"But," I said, "Jesus's love is perfect."

He then asked, "Who do you think loves Jesus the most out of everyone you know?"

I had to think about that one.  Who that I know seemed to love Jesus the most?  I wish I could have gotten my answer as easily as Bub.

"Out of everyone I know, I think I love Jesus the most.  'Cause, I don't think you could love Him any more than I do," he said.

It is moments like this that I really learn from my children. 

A couple minutes later he finished with, "I'm going to tell my friend that God is like a super hero...only better!"

Oh, to have the faith of a child.

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