Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Not a Habit,Yet

I talked last week about starting over from scratch with just one daily habit.  That habit is cleaning off my one kitchen counter every day. 

The first few days I did great.  But, there came a night when I had been grocery shopping and had cleaned out my pantry and the counter was a disaster.  By the time I finish dinner, I was exhausted.  It had been a long day!  I went to sit down and honestly didn't give the kitchen another thought. 

In the past this might have been when I decided to give up.  Obviously, I'm not even capable of making it a whole week before I forget or just choose not to do it.  But, instead, I decided to pick myself back up and try again.  So, once again, my counters are clean and kitchen looks much better.  Not perfect, but better.

Cleaning the counters daily is nowhere near being a habit, yet.  It is a long way from it!  But, I am noticing a difference and making an effort to stick with it.  I'm not ready to add any more tasks to my daily cleaning list, yet.  When keeping the counters clean feels like second nature, I'll do it.  Or at least when I start to be bothered by the mess.  Unlike naturally neat people, it takes a lot of mess to actually bother me!

This week is going to be full of cleaning.  We are having the kids' birthday party here on Sunday.  Even though I really hope we can be outside, people will still have to walk through the house to get to the bathroom.  And if it rains....the house will have to be as clean as possible to squeeze about 50 people in!  (I know that seems like a lot of people, but it is mostly family.)

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