Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekly Goals: 10/21/12

This week is going to be a bit odd.  First of all, my Hubby is on vacation from work.  Having him around always throws me off a bit.  Not that I'm not glad he is here!  I just don't always get much done because I feel like I need to spend that precious time with him.  

Secondly, I have a funeral to attend on Tuesday.  A dear saint at our church passed away a few days ago and I am missing him dearly. 

Finally, I have to have a colonoscopy on Wednesday (Yikes!).  That means, right after the funeral on Tuesday, I have to start my prep.  So, the rest of Tuesday is going to be a bit of a wasted day.  

All-in-all, this week is probably not going to be anywhere near "normal." 

My goals that I need to work on improving from last week are marked with an * and my daily task that I am working to make a habit is in red.

Spiritual Life

  • *Read Bible daily.
  • *Be consistent in praying for requests on my list 
    • Write in prayer journal and update regularly

Family life

Home life

  • Finish all laundry on Monday.
    • Start Sunday night
    • Set timer and change over every hour
  • Clean off counters every day
  • Have 30 minutes of concentrated cleaning every afternoon

Church Life

  • Attend church Wednesday 

Physical Life

  • Prep for colonoscopy on Tuesday
  • Colonoscopy on Wednesday
  • *Measure all foods to make sure I am eating the correct portion.
  • *Track every bite I eat.
  • *Lose at least 1 pound. 
  • Drink at least two bottles (refillable bottles, not disposable!) of water/day. 
  • Earn at least 15 activity points this week.
  • Take vitamins every day (except days I can't take them because of the colonoscopy)
  • Try to get to bed by 10:30 every night I don't work, 12:15 on days I do
  • Put on makeup every day (except maybe when I go for my colonoscopy)

Social Life

  • Funeral on Tuesday (This isn't a fun social event, but an important one)

Financial life

  • *Update budget software daily
  • Do not overspend!
  • Pay bills  

Mental life

  • Continue working on blog  
  • Teach

Homeschool Life

  • Print out materials 

Work Life 

  • Work on worksheets for Teachers Pay Teachers
  • Work on Thursday

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